Friday February 23rd, 2024
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Famed Chef Avec Karim Launches Artisanal Product Line

The famed chef is making his delicacies more accessible by selling his upscale concoctions at Gourmet Egypt.

Farida El Shafie

An ode to the countless interactions we’ve had with gourmand family members at gatherings - dedicated to Avec Karim’s curated gastronomic events - L’Artisan is the at-home equivalent to those high-strung conversations. The famed chef is making his delicacies more accessible by having his upscale concoctions on shelves at Gourmet Egypt. Handmade and ethically sourced, the first collection pays tribute to the complexity of Foie Gras. 

“This is a project that has been in the works for three years.” Karim Abdelrahman, Founder of L’Artisan tells @SceneEats. “It’s a delicacy that actually dates back to Ancient Egypt and we wanted to revive that. We partnered up with a French partner and a farm to be able to produce world-class Foie Gras right here in Egypt.”

Consisting of three products, the first collection of Abdelrahman’s L’Artisan invites consumers to embark on an upscale gastronomical journey. Their first product, Foie Gras, consists of natural, artisanally cooked and 100% fresh farm grade whole duck Foie Gras Mi-Cuit and serves to mimic the authentic experience of consuming the coveted dish. Their second product, Slices, is a more palpable take on the delicacy that provides slices of raw duck Foie Gras escalopes meant to incentivise budding chefs to build on their existing skills, integrate more complex ingredients and, in turn, inform intricate recipes. Lastly, the famed chef introduced a ‘Secret Ingredient’ derived from the dish itself. A healthier alternative to cooking fat, their flavourful rendered duck fat harbours a high smoking point that makes it the perfect substitute to generic counterparts. 

Future plans include custom boxes dedicated to provide a true Avec Karim experience with embossed cutlery and jars brimming with his delectable creations.