Wednesday September 27th, 2023
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Families and Foodies to Flock The Westown Hub Food Market

Kids a-cookin' and grown ups a-gobblin', no, it's not a parallel universe – it's just how the Westown Hub's Food Market brings families and foodies together.

Staff Writer

ّWherever and whenever there is food, you'll find us – let alone a whole day dedicated to it! The Westown Hub never fails to give us fun weekends we always need with our families! And returning by popular demand on November 18th is their deliciously fun Food Market.For the whole day, you’ll get to enjoy live music, while you nibble and nosh on some bites from the food being offered to you. And, whatever you really find yourself going back to sample more than once, you can definitely buy and get more of! We know you're smiling at the thought right now...

...Uhh, wait, were you just too into the food to notice where the kids have gone? Don’t worry – they’re essentially the stars of the food market. Jam-packed with loads of fun and educational activities, they’ll probably go home and make you dinner the next day because they’ll summon up more skills than you. It will probably be the only time you'll see them excited going to class – cooking classes, that is! Yup. They're finally going to know how to throw it down in the kitchen. But, not the hard way like you did – they'll learn the cool way.

The fun-filled food hub kicks off at Westown Hub, SODIC West at 12 PM – until 10 PM – and is an infinitely better choice than spending your whole weekend doing house chores, cooking, and hoping your kids aren’t setting the house on fire.

For more information, check out their Facebook page, and the last Food Market's photos to see the potential mass fun you and the fam jam will be having.