Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Fast Food But Make It Seafood Is the Tea at Swefish

Swefish is the app making ordering ready-to-eat seafood meals more accessible, but with a feminist twist.

Badreya Electroneya

Fast Food But Make It Seafood Is the Tea at Swefish

Seafood service, Swefish, aims to occupy a leading position in the fast-food industry due to the centricity of other services being constricted to either beef or poultry. They deliver locally-compartmentalized seafood meals in sustainable packaging that is also microwavable, for optimum convenience. 

Formerly known as ‘Asmak El Sweify’, current owner Yasmine El-Sweify decided to keep up with the times and opted for rebranding her service.

El Sweify’s essential goal is to deconstruct and abolish the stereotypical affiliation of patriarchal dominance in the seafood industry. 

“We aim to launch a new seafood brand that will occupy a leading position in the fast-food industry”, Yasmine El-Sweify tells SceneEats. Sweify further elaborated, “We seek to expand outside Egypt to transfer the quality of our motherland to the world and to compete in the market as a product that meets international quality standards. 

 The restaurant offers an easy-to-navigate and customizable menu for an easy ordering process and ensures the provision of authentic tastes. The service also offers combination meals, with a variety of mixed seafood main dishes and sandwiches, both charcoal-grilled and fried. Of course, it’s all served with a side dish of Egyptian seafood staple Sayedeya rice. Inclusivity is at the core of Swefish’s narrative, “We support healthy lifestyles and diets by including low carb options, roasted veggies, and salads with a variety of healthy dressing choices.” El-Sweify shared. 

To get a taste of Swefish, place your order via Talabat or give them a visit at their New Cairo location.