Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Fish Chips & Dips: This Sheikh Zayed Spot is a Phosphorus Fiesta

Where are our fish & chip stans at?

Scene Eats

Cod or pollock. Vinegar or tartar sauce. French fries or chips. Bring on fish fry season. Around C-Town, there aren’t plenty of places where fish and chips are the best catch...not because we don’t have fish (we do, lol) but because the concept itself hasn’t really caught on (which we totes think is dumb because it’s the most comfort food ever). This is where Fish Chips & Dips come in.

Located on the high-street that is Walk of Cairo, the chippy offers everything from the classic battered fish or shrimps with crispy af fries to tempting dishes such as salmon burgers for those fancying something a little more luxurious.

Fish Chips & Dips do not offer delivery (sorry, bbs) so you’ll just have to pop anytime between the hours of 12 pm until 10 pm for dat fish & chips ting.