Saturday April 13th, 2024
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Food Startup Yumamia Wins Silver Award at Publicis90

The Egyptian company was selected amongst 3,500 digital startups worldwide by the leading global advertising network Publicis Groupe.

Staff Writer

Food Startup Yumamia Wins Silver Award at Publicis90

Egyptian startup Yumamia, a.k.a the Uber of Egyptian food, has just won the Publicis90 Global Startup Competition silver award, out of 3,500 other digital startups from 141 countries worldwide who participated in this international competition, which was organised in celebration of Publicis Groupe’s 90th anniversary. The company, which is the world's fourth-largest advertising and media network, runs operations in 105 countries with the likes of Saatchi & Saatchi under their umbrella. They launched and held the competition as part of Publicis90, a global initiative to foster digital entrepreneurship in different countries across the world.

Overall, Publicis Groupe selected 90 startups to receive funding and support, including entrepreneurs from France, USA, Singapore, Turkey, and Germany. The chosen ones were selected by the company's employees and a jury of digital experts in each region, who were tasked with selecting the most promising projects. Yumamia and its founders, Belal El Borno and Mahmoud El Maghraby, were among the winners, reaping the silver award.

What did they win? Oh, no big deal, just one whole year of mentoring in marketing, communication and digital, plus an invitation to participate in Viva Technology Paris. Who are we kidding! It's a huge deal – way to go, Yumamia!

For more information, visit Yumamia’s Facebook Page.