Friday April 19th, 2024
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Food Truck Culture Hits Downtown Cairo With This Deliciously Adorable Volkswagen

Egyptians are uping their food truck game with this new adorable and delicious, VW truck that just opened in Downtown Cairo.

Staff Writer

Food Truck Culture Hits Downtown Cairo With This Deliciously Adorable Volkswagen

Food truck culture hasn’t really made its way fully to Cairo yet. Between tricky licenses and the mere fact that people want less cars in their lives, not in fact more, the concept is unfortunately restricted to compounds in Sahel for the most part. But not for Ezz Anwar and his partner Karim who are trying to change that. Starting right here in our urban playground: The duo just opened a new Volkswagen food truck on Downtown Cairo's Falaki Street and it’s absolutely adorable.

Ezz and Karim wanted to open their own restaurant but didn’t want their place to be just another hole in the wall. So they decided to open VW Fastfood. “I spent a few years in Rome, and the food truck idea was really popular there, so I decided to open my own food truck here in Cairo when I came back,” Anwar tells us.

The restaurant is split up into two parts; the truck where you get your food and the café where you can kick back and get a drink. The truck specialises in fast food, with a really long menu full of pastas, crepes (sweet and savory), fresh juices, and sandwiches. And as for the meat - and brace yourselves here - VW Fastfood is set to be the coolest burger join Downtown is set to see. They have an American burger, a Mexican burger and, get this, an Egyptian burger. The American tastes just like a McDonald’s cheeseburger, the Mexican burger is spicy, and the Egyptian has a special sauce and eggs, which, like most Egyptian food, looks disgusting but tastes absolutely delicious.

The Downtown truck is actually their third VW-themed café, the other two are in the Mokatam area. After the success of the other restaurants, he decided to go Downtown for a special reason, telling us “I actually grew up right around the corner”.

We totally recommend this place if you're ever in the Downtown area for some fast food that's actually good, or at least get a snap of the place for your Instastory because it's the embodiment of everything Downtown cool.