Tuesday May 21st, 2024
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Fou by Farah Collaborates With Brown Nose on Artisanal Hot Cocoa

With homemade marshmallows roasted to perfection on top, we think we just found our favourite winter treat.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Fou by Farah Collaborates With Brown Nose on Artisanal Hot Cocoa

It is a universally acknowledged truth that winter blues require some serious winter-flavoured concoctions to cure, and it is no shock to anyone that a good ol’ cup of hot chocolate is pretty much the go-to salvation for the soul when the fingers start to get numb and the hearts start feeling weary. While we’re not bringing you news of superhumans wearing awkwardly-placed blue briefs or individuals bestowed with supersonic speed, we are indeed here to inform you of a new knight in chocolatey armour that has just landed on the scene. 

Collaborating with one of Egypt’s best roasters, Brown Nose Coffee, Fou by Farah is lending her sweet and saccharine - in all the best ways - expertise to the artisanal coffee hotspot. Made from 60% Italian chocolate and gently topped with homemade marshmallows roasted to molten perfection, Fou by Farah and Brown Nose Coffee have collabed on a brand new specialty hot chocolate.

Now, if you’ve tried both Brown Nose and Fou by Farah Charkawy’s creations, you’ll get why this is a big deal. Long story short, you’re getting the absolute best of both worlds. Available at all of Brown Nose Coffee’s spots, now you know what you’ll be sipping on when you’re spilling the tea with your work bestie.