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Fried Chicken & Cheese Fountain Giants Heart Attack to Open in Mahalla

El Mahalla El Kobra is about to get even bigger with Heart Attack's newest announcement.

We can’t help but feel proud when we hear about homegrown Egyptian businesses taking things to the next level. That is exactly what happened when we caught a whiff of Heart Attack’s announcement that sees it expanding to El Mahalla El Kobra for its 15th branch. What a moment.

The original branch in Mukattam

Heart Attack revolutionised the way we see fried chicken and cheese fountains after introducing the lovely combo to Egyptian foodies back in their first Mukattam branch. Fast forward a few years and the brand has built quite the name for themselves, making them synonymous with anything fried chicken or cheese fountains.

The cheese fountain at Heart Attack

Nothing has been confirmed yet as to where it will open in El Mahalla, however, Heart Attack has announced via social media that they plan to open it within the next couple of weeks. We don’t know about you, but we’re totes happy for them right now.