Monday December 11th, 2023
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Get Home-Cooked Meals Delivered With Mumm

Instead of getting some faceless corporate kitchen to reheat some nutritionally-devoid slop, why not get a real home-cooked meal from Mumm? You don't even have to bother your actual mom.

Staff Writer

Nobody remembers their first words - chances are they were probably about food, though. Even back when you were a squishy, perpetually drunk version of yourself, you were obsessed with food (some of us never really left this stage). For most of us, our moms were the source of all the liquefied fruits and veggies we could ever want, using their innate maternal piloting instincts to make sound effects for our spoon-planes while we drooled all over ourselves and made “mmmm” noises. It’s no surprise, then, that mothers all over the world manipulated languages so that it seems like we were talking about them from birth. Arabic (Umm) and English (mom) especially seem to have been designed so that mothers could say, “look how much my little baby loves me, his first word is mama!" Now you can get a lovely meal delivered right to you without actually having to bother your mother.

Mumm is capitalising on our love for mom’s cooking while helping women capitalise on their culinary skills. The premise is simple - like a lot of other meal ordering websites, you peruse through a mouthwatering gallery of soup, salads, sandwiches, and more until you find the perfect thing to stuff in your face-hole; place your order; then sit in anticipation, desperately looking out the window and checking your phone while you waste away. The thing with Mumm, though, is that the food you just ordered is going to be made in a lovely lady’s kitchen. Cheap, nutritious, and delicious home-cooked meals made with love in a kitchen, not entirely unlike the one you completely ignore in your own house. Whether it’s moms with an empty nest or just somebody with mad cooking skillz that wants to make some cash on the side, Mumm is a cool idea in which everyone feels the love. 

You can check out their Facebook page here