Thursday June 13th, 2024
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Get a Sandwich Named After You at This Downtown Cairo Deli

Global sandwich-building eateries have been real quiet since Sameh joined the scene.

Layla Raik

Get a Sandwich Named After You at This Downtown Cairo Deli

Despite being a relatively easy-to-grasp concept, humanity’s concept of ‘home’ continues to morph and change throughout the years, from the place to rest your head to the arms of that special someone. We’ve decided to extend the definition to include our new-found king of beiti sandwich-making, Downtown’s Sameh Sandwiches, turning the deli into our home away from home.

An exciting adaptation of the ol’ sandwich kiosk (armed with kebda and sujuk, of course), cooks Sameh and Ahmed extended their menu to cover everything from traditional Pane to dynamite frankfurters and down to the classic cheese and halawa sandwiches. All, needless to say, in the historic Fino loaf.

As though carefully assembling our sandwiches to taste wasn’t enough, our adopted sandwich-making fathers took the homeyness of their store to a new level with their new personalised sandwich feature. You can now dream up the ingredients to your own sandwich, labelled in your namesake, and put it on Sameh’s menu for many to try. May the best loafer win!