Friday September 29th, 2023
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Give Teita and Mama a Well-Deserved Break and Order from Tadmisa

Craving something purely Egyptian? Tadmisa has come for the rescue!

Mariam Nowar

Sometimes, we crave something purely Egyptian, but Teita is not around to cook it for us. We scour through hundreds of restaurants but can't really find the tahabeesh we're looking for. We kept searching until we found Tadmisa, a restaurant offering Egyptian staples at an affordable price. 

Your Friday breakfasts are now forever changed

Tadmisa usually refers to the process of creating fool, so you'll find the regular breakfast; fool, ta'meya, omelette, and Greek salad. But the restaurant serves more than just Mama's breakfast. For the main dishes, you'll find everything from Koftet Dawood, grilled chicken, shish tawook, to kofta, shawerma, pasta, and koshari!

You can live your best koshary life here at Tadmisa

To top it off, you can order from Tadmisa and spend less than EGP 200, and end up with a full happy belly without bothering teita and mama at all! Give them a well-deserved break this Eid.