Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Goodcals to Open in Smart Village

Healthy people rejoice! Well, those in 6th of October anyway. Goodcals is set to open up a new branch in Smart Village next Sunday.

Staff Writer

Eat healthy, boost your energy levels, fight off disease, feel great, look even greater and lose weight. Usually these things are easier said than done; with our fast paced lives, hectic jobs, and relentless endless to-do lists, we more often than not just feel lucky enough to grab a bite - even if we know it’s toxic to our bodies, we feel like it’s a necessary evil.

But the eatery that’s serious about keeping you healthy, Goodcals, is back at it with another branch set to open soon in Smart Village, effectively eliminating yet another area of excuses to grab fast food. And with the amount of knowledge we now have of how our diets influence our physical health, emotions, and even our thoughts, it’s become an obvious choice for many to improve and maintain a better, healthier diet. 

Goodcals offers up a huge selection of salads, made with the freshest ingredients and with the option of numerous tasty dressings. If you like some carbs in your healthy meals (ahem, us), they've also got an array of sandwiches, pastas, and wraps, all of which are loaded with healthy ingredients as well. So basically all your working kids in Smart Village no longer have a valid excuse to order up a plate of saturated fats and grease because the health gods are coming to town and they're going to push you into that health kick you've been trying to get into for so long.

You can check out GoodCals Facebook page here.