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Gourmet Egypt's New and Exclusive Range Will Change the Way you Ramadan For Life

Local food retailers Gourmet Egypt are sourcing the finest the country has to offer and are also offering an exclusive Ramadan range.

Hold up, Ramadan is about fasting, spirituality, and good deeds, right? It is a time during the year where we need to make conscionable decisions for the greater good of the world. At the same time, fasting during the day turns us into unconscionable wildlings with lion instincts, ready to feed on the next living organism we see. And more often than not, we want something quick, convenient, and also taste like we spent seven hours perfecting it in the oven - we're odd creatures! For Ramadan this year, Gourmet Egypt has launched an Exclusive Ramadan range packed with our favourites like mahshi, mombar, kofta, kibbeh, ba2lawa etc.

By Ramadan range, we don't only mean ingredients or bits and pieces to complement whatever you have planned for Iftar or Suhur. We mean like full on fresh, delicate, and appetising gourmet meals that will most likely make us apologise to grandma for not visiting her for Iftar. The delicious meals on Gourmet’s shelves are made using high quality ingredients, international safety standards, they're all natural with no preservatives or artificial colours. The recipes themselves are rather complex and have been handcrafted in small and fresh batches by renowned chefs in Egypt. If you ever tried creating one of these recipes from scratch, it would require spending the night napping on the kitchen floor in between cooking each dish. But Gourmet decided to give us simple instructions to follow so we can create a buffet-style Iftar that will probably only take an hour. You'll become the conqueror of 3azayam and it will totally look like you’re a well trained chef.

Remember how Ramadan was all about good deeds and conscionable decisions? Well you’d be glad to know that for almost a year, Gourmet Egypt has been steering away from importing its products and instead now focuses on making them all right here in the motherland without compromising the remarkable quality they promise us. So basically, if you buy from Gourmet, you’re doing a good deed because you’re supporting Egypt’s local economy - you’re welcome.

In a country already saturated with major international supermarket chains selling mass-produced food items, Gourmet offers something of an exceptionally higher quality for those who don't think of food as simply something to eat, but as an occasion to cherish with loved ones.

You can check out their items and shop online through their website. Give them a call too by dialling 19339.

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