Friday June 14th, 2024
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Gourmet Pizza Bar Olivo is Opening a New Branch in Katameya

When you combine pizza with wine, you’re automatically obligated to share the love with everybody else. That’s why pizzeria, Olivo, is opening a new branch in Katameya Heights.

Staff Writer

Gourmet Pizza Bar Olivo is Opening a New Branch in Katameya

“Olive you from my head to-ma-toes,” we tell Egypt’s most charming pizzeria, Olivo. Okay, sorry, just because it's pizza, doesn't mean we have to be cheesy. Boom! Okay, we're done now. 

Cairo’s pioneer gourmet pizzeria and bar Olivo, originally based in Zamalek, is opening a new branch in Katameya. After dropping several hints on their social media pages, new branch opening soon and Olivo is heading East, we cast out our feelers, and just like ants who search for food to hoard for the winter, we discovered the new branch is currently being furnished in Katameya Heights.Suffice to say, Olivo combines the best two things in the world aside from Ryan Gosling's abs: pizza and wine. Whether you’re hanging and snacking with your mains, or embracing your own solitude, we officially vouch for this combo’s inability to fail. 

We can admit there is no actual graceful way to stuff our faces with pizza, unless you eat your pizza with a knife and fork like a heathen, but Olivo’s cosmic sized collection of beer, wine, and spirits reassures us that we will not be self-conscious when marinara and mozzarella smears our clothing.

Here’s to many more years of dedicated pizza lovin’.

Address: Katameya Heights Road, Cairo (next to TBS).

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