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Grab Mochi by the Mittful at Alexandria's Boba Spot

It's getting bubblin' in Alex, and we're here for it.

There’s a fine line between boba enthusiasts and boba stans, though both collectively agree upon one thing, which is their apparent love for a sugar rush. We come bearing good news for both Alexandrian boba stans and enthusiasts because we’ve just stumbled upon an iconic boba spot, literally called Boba Spot.

They specialise in all forms of Asian desserts and are not necessarily constricted to just bubble tea. We got in touch with the owner to understand what enticed their inspiration to proceed with launching their space.

“I’m a huge boba fan, but sadly all the boba places are in Cairo and none are here in Alex, so I decided to open a spot and add my own twist to it by incorporating more than just boba and mochi,” Maged Emara, owner of Boba Spot, tells #SceneEats.

Boba Spot offers a variety of tings that are not available in the region like Ensaymada, Puto, and coffee jelly. Though their signature dessert is their mochi, which is always served accompanied by a complimentary drink. Further delving into their selection of boba, you can also sip on their pink lemonade boba because it’s giving major ‘pinkity drinkity’ energy, their mouthwatering thai tea boba, as well for their thirst-quenching pistachio boba.

You can find Boba Spot in 8 Sidi Gabir Road, Alexandria.