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Greeked up Goulash? Alexandria’s Talaat Transforms Your Fav Desserts

Creative confectionary nomnomnoms are always welcomed with open arms.

We all love a good mouthwatering dessert moment. Alexandria’s Talaat Patisserie is making your favourite sweets even sweeter by making a mash-up you can’t refuse. Well, ask and you shall receive. That’s exactly what this dessert shop is serving up.

Ever wondered what atayef stuffed with ricotta would taste like? Or sambousa stuffed with cream? Just imagine a ‘Greeked’ up goulash? Well, no need to wonder because Talaat Patisserie has turned all these yumtastic visions, and more, into a sweet reality. 

With over 14 branches scattered across Alexandria, you can test your taste buds agility and try one, or all, of these curious creations.