Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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Grill Setup: The Outdoor Food Concept Bringing Back Daytime Parties

The Grill Setup is realising our Friday brunch/lunch/party dreams.

Farah Desouky

The drudgery of the workweek can be a draining experience, leaving one in search of respite and rejuvenation over the weekends. However, the plethora of options and the logistical challenges that often accompany planning social events can make it difficult to find a balance between leisure and feasibility. This is where Grill Setup, a novel culinary concept, comes into play, offering a refreshing and sophisticated alternative to the conventional weekend routine.

Grill Setup is a gastronomic event that marries the pleasures of live music, flowing sangrias, and the irresistible aroma of wood-fired barbeque. It is a harmonious blend of a party, a picnic, and a brunch, all rolled into one. These events are typically held on Friday afternoons at picturesque outdoor locations, providing a much-needed break from the mundane routine of comfort food and indoor seclusion.

The brainchild of three childhood friends turned business partners, Ahmed Shamaa, Ibrahim Sharkawy, and Mahmoud Abo El Abbas, Grill Setup is a direct offshoot of their diverse backgrounds and interests. Shamaa, who now serves as Grill Setup's chef, made the bold decision to quit his full-time job to pursue this culinary venture.

"We were adamant in creating a casual setup with a laid back ambiance, devoid of any expectations," Grill Setup’s founders tell SceneEats."To our delight, it has been met with great success. It is truly remarkable to witness the diversity of our clients - ranging from adolescents to those in their 60s - all coming together to enjoy a delightful time.

"The live fire cooking concept at Grill Setup naturally fosters a sense of community and camaraderie, centering around the smoky delicacies on offer. The menu, curated by Shamaa, is both diverse and succinct, featuring classic items such as hearty burger sliders, sizzling drumsticks, and a range of fresh tacos cooked over embers.

"Smoke is a unique ingredient that infuses a distinct flavour into the food," the founders added. "Our grill setup makes live fire cooking extremely easy, as it allows us to adjust the cooking temperatures with precision." The trio describes their delicacies as "easy-to-eat", and it's hard to disagree when they put charred drumsticks in the "light" food category.

In conclusion, Grill Setup offers a refined and sophisticated way to spend your Fridays, whether it's breaking away from family-bound traditions or inviting your Friday ezouma members to join you at the next event.