Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Gringo's Brings The Fiesta To Zamalek

Gringo's has come to Zamalek, finally bringing burritos and co. to the east side of the river...

Staff Writer
Hola, amigos, we have muy exciting news! Gringo’s Parrilla Mexicana has just opened up a new location in Zamalek, so now you don’t have to be in Maadi to have your favourite tortilla wrapped dish delivered directly into your mouth. If you love food that ends in vowels Gringo’s has you covered; tacos, nachos quesadillas, taquitos, and their famous burritos.

You can fill these delicious warm tortilla pillows with your choice of meat, including tinga shredded chicken, machaca shredded beef, and chili con carne! Loaded up with authentic Mexican ingredients and their own special sauce for a delicious south of the border experience, every one of the dishes at Gringo's is fairly epic. And we would know; they invaded our office last week, and we devoured six bags filled with Mexican munchies within mere minutes. 

If you're feeling brave, The Gusto is a massive 1KG monster of a burrito that could feasibly feed you for a week but is so good you will probably end up eating yourself into a food coma before the delivery drive gets around the corner. Both the Maadi and Zamalek locations are delivery only. 
Check out the menu on Facebook and their food porn collection on Instagram.