Monday December 11th, 2023
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Hakamoro Party Specials: All Aboard

Hakamoro just made picking up the check less painful, so eat up!

Staff Writer

Life is often unkind to those of us who cannot afford to eat sushi every day yet do it anyway. It's even unkinder when you pay for it on your credit card, we’ll have you know. So imagine our delight when we heard of Hakamoro’s Party Specials. But there’s a catch: you have to have friends! So don’t expect Cairo’s swankiest Asian restobar to roll out the red carpet for you if you're a loner or a misanthrope, because the offer is tailor made for wildly outgoing groups of 10 people or more. No, your dog is not people.You can choose between three packages: Red, Silver, and Gold, depending on how plush you and your chums are. We suggest you go for Red if you are naturally high on life and normally pass on dessert and alcohol without flinching. You will get a selection of sushi and soft drinks for only 200 LE. But if you prefer to consume alcohol in moderation because you’re married with kids and your boss is a jerk, we definitely recommend the Silver. Not only will you get a selection of sushi you’ll also get a cake and two bottles of wine, all for the bargain price of 250 LE! And if you are a bunch of party animals and divas, definitely go for Gold and receive the rockstar treatment you have always secretly craved. Hakamoro will send a stretch limo to pick you guys up! You’ll also get a wide selection of sushi, a cake, two bottles of wine, and two free bouchons for as little as 350 LE!Your sushi-based diet doesn’t have to be so costly anymore. Provided you have a lot of friends and a large appetite, you could enjoy sushi and pay rent in the same month! 

For reservations, call 01064444609.

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