Friday June 14th, 2024
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Healthy Haven Purple B Opens in El Gouna

Purple B is serving up exotic acai that will supplement your mind, body and soul with the necessary nutrients.

Layla Raik

Healthy Haven Purple B Opens in El Gouna

Basing extravagant palatable adventures on the seemingly simple structure of the acai bowl, Purple B serves you boosted brain function, improved cholesterol, skyrocketed immunity and much more on a silver platter, with as many delicious toppings as your heart desires. 

“The entirety of Purple B’s product plan is based around healthy food and exoticism; from the exotic acai to Purple B’s signature shredded duck sandwich,” Ali Ahmed, one of the 3 berries behind the health house, tells Scene Eats. “Gouna was our next destination because of how active the town is. All that kitesurfing had to be subsidised with some good mind-and-body food!”

Now open in Downtown Gouna, the glorified health house is ready to satiate your post-workout and morning-after needs all day long. (Pro tip: their walls are straight out of a B&W & are the perfect addition to your sure-to-happen ‘new year’s duuuump’!)