Sunday July 21st, 2024
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Here's How Tortina Has Taken Over Sahel This Summer

From banana tarts, chocolate lava to the freshest ice-cream cakes, Sahelites could bid their beach figures farewell with FOUR new branches across the coast.

Staff Writer

Here's How Tortina Has Taken Over Sahel This Summer

After dipping in the cool, salty waters of Sahel's Mediterranean and frying under the blazing sun for as long as one possibly could, we often find ourselves in need of a sweet treat. And while some simply settle for just about anything, we drove up and down on Sahel's highway seeking something crumblier, fresher, and tastier to treat ourselves to like any self-respecting Sahelite should.

Luckily, our search party didn't take long, as we stumbled upon not one, not two, but FOUR branches of the deluxe bakery tortina scattered around Sahel, serving the sweetest freshly made delights around the North Coast this summer.

Our little adventure in flavourland, tortina, had us discover two more, brand-new Sahel-only mouthwatering menu additions: banana tarts and FIVE jar treats. Babas Cake filled with mango and cream, Banana Caramel, Cherry with Light Yoghurt Mousse, Mars Cheesecake, and the one and only... Chocolate Lava.

Who would have thought the ultimate chocolate indulgence experience could had right here on the beach. tortina's new Sahel branches are serving hot chocolate lava melting over crumbling sponge cake, restaurant-style made hot right in front of us, on the go. In a Jar! We also managed to not drool in the shop as we went through the flavour-galore ice-cream cake menu which had us in serious confusion as to what to pick from among the chocolate Oreo, vanilla croquand or/AND yoghurt berry flavours.

Tortina Jar Treats

Located in Marina 5, Diplomaseyeen, Marassi and La Vista Bay, tortina has basically got Sahel entirely covered, in what we could only assume is an evil plan to ruin our beach figures once and for all.

Now brace yourselves, Cairenes, word on sweet street is that tortina is bringing all this goodness to the capital right after Eid. And not just the capital, straight to our homes, it seems. With catering services for all sorts of celebratory and special occasions like birthdays, weddings' candy buffets, and much more, tortina branches are officially our best friends. On the beach and right here at home. 

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