Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Holy Buns: The All-American Diner On Wheels in West Cairo

Everyone’s drooling at the altar thanks to West Cairo-based burger spot, Holy Buns.

Layla Raik

Holy Buns: The All-American Diner On Wheels in West Cairo

In the world of fast food and mindless meals, nothing gets your munchies and feelings in order like a good sandwich, namely, a juicy sauce-filled burger. Popping up around Cairo like the compulsive places of worship they are, Holy Buns is the burger spot taking it upon itself to reignite the religious spark in our hearts (one bun at a time).

The ingredients to a good burger are complex and, given the endless varieties you can culinarily explore, often the main character of any good sandwich. But we’ve seen too many hideously coordinated sitcoms to know that the main character, in this case not the super pretentious writer with a ~different~ view of the world but the patty/toppings governing your sandwich.

This is exactly what Holy Buns realised way before any of us took the time to really look at burgers, below the surface level, and ask the big questions. Sticking true to their namesake, the eatery elevates and distinguishes the quality of their burgers by making sure their buns are always nothing short of holy.

Even at the surface level, Holy Buns’ burgers are love at first sight, entertaining delicious concoctions like the Lacy one and Moe’s favourite, plus a range of vegan options for more cruelty-free burger deliciousness. Feeling a bit more sweet-toothed? The eatery’s salted caramel holy puff is a feast to be sanctified.

You can now visit Holy Buns at New Giza Sports Club, SODIC WestTown and Palm Hills.