Saturday April 13th, 2024
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Home Cooked Meals But Make Them Boujee With Willow's

This cosy eatery is the perfect spot for catch-up dates with your childhood bestie.

Layla Raik

 Home Cooked Meals But Make Them Boujee With Willow's

In the busy rhythm of adult life, it’s easy to be swept up in a flurry of newfound responsibilities so intense that we just want to go home (but not the home where we still have to clean the fridge and fold the laundry). Sheikh Zayed’s top-notch eatery, Willow’s, exists on a separate plane in the space-time continuum where you can escape your to-do list and, finally, be home. 

Carrying the warm air of welcome into their dishes, Willow’s menu consists of your basic homemade favourites deliciously elevated with a boujee twist. The eatery transforms your regular sunny-side-ups into an extravagant egg bowl topped with beef bacon and kashkaval for an eggs-quisite fiasco for breakfast. The spot also allows you to bring your Sex-and-the-City-style catch-up brunch dreams to life. We recommend you drag your friends out to split a Madelyn’s platter, a menu heartthrob (literally though) combining pancakes, an assortment of fruits, a pile of beef bacon, and soft scrambled eggs for three.

To make matters worse, Willow’s offers an irresistible selection of steak options, from tomahawks to ribeyes, and straight off the grill, too!. You can opt to relive your summer moments, though, with the bacon cranberry salad, the dish of the season saving us from a cruel summer. 

For nights when all you want to do is cuddle with your childhood bestie on the couch with a hot drink (or a cold one, if you/your bestie are chronic iced coffee fanatics), Willow’s has a set of couches so soft they get the gossip automatically flowing. Paired with the soft lighting, and vintage-style lamps, an an extensive drinks and dessert menu can satisfy coffee addicts, tea fanatics, and boba enthusiasts, Willow's is exactly where we plan to be this weekend. 

Arkan Plaza, here we come.