Wednesday December 6th, 2023
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Homegrown Egyptian Vegan Brand Kaju: The Best Ice Cream Money Can Buy

Earthly Delights' cashew-based raw vegan cheese, ice cream, and truffles Kaju will keep you coming back for more nutritious delectables!

Staff Writer

The first casualty of romance warfare is your body; before even keying your ex’s car on your way out, your first instinct after you get dumped is to stick your face in a tub of ice cream and your thighs and butt pay the ultimate price. Not to mention the dairy cows who had to be impregnated their whole lives just so you can have yourself a self-pity fest!Kaju, a cashew-based line of raw vegan alternatives to dairy products by Earthly Delights, offers you the best of both worlds while at the same time minimising mankind’s constant assaults on the animal realm, creating everything from truffles and ice cream all the way to cheese (yes, cheese).You don’t have to be a conscientious objector to enjoy Kaju, as Earthly Delights founder Yasmine Nazmy explains; vegan alternatives to dairy are great for everybody, whether you are lactose or gluten intolerant, trying to trim a little fat or just lead a more holistic life, these babies are the answer to your prayers. “Ice cream is actually one of my best sellers!” she says.However, like God (and V from V for Vendetta), Nazmy doesn’t play with dice and doesn’t believe in coincidence; nothing about her date-sweetened and highly nutritious frothy ice cream is without purpose. “Each flavour has a geographical symbol: cinnamon is Middle Eastern, coconut vanilla is tropical and chocolate is South America – relating to the origins of the ingredients,” she explains.  Many argue that the production of vegan imitations of non-vegan products can be detrimental to the eco-system on account of the use of palm oil, which may be true about other manufacturers, but certainly not Earthly Delights, “We don't use any oil. We are very aware of the ecological impact of food and we always choose the most ethical option available,” Nazmy asserts.

You can order any of Earthly Delights' menu items (including Kaju) from Nature's Gifts Store or Greenolic. 

Find out more about Kaju on Earthly Delights' Facebook and Instagram!