Sunday September 24th, 2023
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How Easy Pan Strengthened My Marriage

Wanting to give his wife a much-deserved break, Bob Kanady enlisted the help of Easy Pan to create a delicious restaurant-style meal that even the most inexperienced can make.

Staff Writer

I often confuse my wife for Wonder Woman; she manages to hold down a full-time job while taking care of our three pets, keeping the house in order, and, most importantly, making sure I'm well fed every night. It’s a lot for one person to do and, with my job having me return home late everyday, it's hard to share in the responsibilities. In an effort to show my appreciation for all she does, I decided to surprise her by leaving work early and preparing us a home-cooked meal; unfortunately, my experience in the kitchen is rather limited. Helping me become my own chef was none other than Easy Pan, who is essentially delivering a delicious cooking school in a box that comes complete with all the necessary ingredients and instructions to make a world class meal.

In this country that eats up all our time, many turn to unhealthy and often unappetising fast food as a source of fuel. The sad truth is that fast food rarely tastes good, arriving cold and costing more than it should for the sake of being convenient. Initially, I thought I would have to order food from a restaurant and disguise it as my own creation, but then I stumbled upon Easy Pan, which promised to give me the instructions and ingredients needed to make the perfect romantic dinner. With fast food tasting like crap, I figured I could do no wrong if I honestly tried to cook and failed.

Visiting their website, the toughest decision was deciding which one of the Easy Pan meals to select. From turkey fillet with pumpkin puree to pistachio crusted salmon with spiced potatoes, there was no shortage of delicious options. Knowing my wife is a lover all things mushroom, I decided to order Easy Pan’s chicken mushroom meal.

The Easy Pan meal arrived promptly in a beautifully branded box. Within it was everything I needed to create the meal, including six easy step-by-step instructions on how to prepare the meal. Reading the simple instructions provided a wave of relief as immediately I began believing that I could do this.

First off, I got the cardamom-and-bay-leaf-infused rice boiling on the stove and then began preparing the chicken. After seasoning the chicken and adding some flour, I cooked the chicken to a golden brown and put it to the side. Next step was to simply chop the mushrooms and sauté them with onions and then add the cream, special spices, and eventually the chicken. Wishing I was just a little quicker, my wife arrived home during this stage and was caught off guard to find me home early and even more surprised to find me in the kitchen.

In a matter of about 20 minutes the meal was done and to my surprise not only looked good, but tasted awesome. Of course, professional chefs may choose to divert from the recipe, as the instruction tries to be fool proof for beginners by placing measurement on the safe side. For this reason my rice was not burnt, but was softer than I normally like. Aside from that, my meal was bold in flavour and rivalled any chicken mushroom you could get in a restaurant, except with one difference: I COOKED IT MYSELF.

As I served the meal to the love of my life, I instantly noticed her looking at me different. When she found me in the kitchen, I knew that somewhere in the back of her mind she was worried she would have to eat what I was creating. However, when I presented the plate, she was taken back by how well it all turned out, and even happier with the way it tasted. I could see that she was proud of my efforts and hoped that me and Easy Pan would become a regular weekly fixture in our house.

Two years into our marriage, I find myself struggling to share in household duties. We don’t believe in gender roles in the house, and yet I often feel that, due to our conflicting work schedules, we fall into stereotypical roles. Thankfully, for one night, Easy Pan gave me the opportunity to show my appreciation for all she does, and, considering how easy it was to prepare, it will likely become something I try to do weekly so that I can give my love a break that she most definitely deserves. If only there was an Easy Laundry.

For more information on how to get your Easy Pan meals visit their website, or check their creations on @easypaneg on Instagram and  Facebook.