Friday March 31st, 2023
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Iftar but Make It Mexican with Burrito

You should totally try gobbling up a hearty burrito next time you're breaking your fast!

Mariam Nowar

Have you tried having a Mexican iftar yet? Change up your routine and go for a hearty burrito next time you're breaking your fast from Burrito Café and Restaurant in Sheikh Zayed. 

The tacos at Burrito 

Located in Pavilion Park, Burrito serves Mexican staple dishes like tacos, quesadillas, wraps as well as other delicious Mexican food that will add a brand-new flavour to your Ramadan binges, one cheesy pull at a time. 

The quesadillas at Burrito

The Ramadan menu features chicken burritos, along with surf'n'turf chicken and shrimp burritos. You'll find a colourful variety of soups and burgers that will tide you over 'till sohour. Burrito serves the regular Egyptian dishes for sohour time like foul, omelette, and white cheese, so you can totally have the best of both worlds.