Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Il Loft: Bona Fide Italian Cuisine

Out in search of the best Cairo has to offer in Italian cuisine, Omar Elkoussy has no regrets after his authentic experience at Il Loft...

Staff Writer

There are three vital aspects that really distinguish a good restaurant from a mediocre one: the quality, the service, and just how downright cozy it can be. At first glance, Il Loft struck me as a place with a no-nonsense approach to delivering an authentic Italian experience. The classy ambiance and meticulously arranged set up immediately started putting me in a good frame of mind - err, stomach. This evident dedication to detail is mirrored by Il Loft’s strictly imported goods.

The chef’s bona fide know-how of Italian food adds to their rich authenticity. The Michelin-starred menu includes markedly Italian creations from starters to main dishes and desserts. Although the waiter was starting us off with a gorgeous-looking smoked salmon salad, I took a glance around and found even more food porn (Pizza! Pasta! More pizza!) and lust for all the dishes glistened quite obviously in my eyes. 

Upon our request, the waiters served the appetizer, entrée, and dessert at the same time, allowing for me and my friends to treat ourselves irresponsibly. Having had a bit of everything, we felt regret knowing that each of these exquisite dishes is meant to be enjoyed separately. We couldn't help it, though; we just went at it. The fresh Italian ingredients and recipes are clearly the secret components to unlocking the distinctly Italian flavours. The traditional pasta dishes served at the spot include Lasagne, Risotto, you name it - I was like a deprived stoic ready to abandon his entire life philosophy in exchange for some Italian goodness. I ravaged every plate presented. At the end of the night, I left Il Loft without a shred of regret in my eyes. I looked back and thought to myself, “hasta la pasta, baby! I’ll be back.”

Even to the most ardent of culinary connoisseurs, this invitingly friendly place at the very least “walks the walk,” making it one of a handful of Italian restaurants in Egypt to boast a high level of authenticity.

You can follow them on Instagram @illofteg.

All images courtesy of Il Loft.