Wednesday May 31st, 2023
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India By The Nile Festival To Give Cairo A Burst of Flavour

Get a taste of the authentic flavours of India at the Four Seasons Cairo at Nile Plaza's 'India by the Nile Festival'! Unleash your inner fat kid – or Joey (same difference) – and eat until you can no longer breathe.

Staff Writer

The true foodies are those who are brave enough to take a walk on the wild side, venturing into the edible unknown. Foodies or not (or self-proclaimed foodies like ourselves), we can all agree that Indian cuisine is quite unique compared to what we're used to – bold, intense, and fiery. Starting April 24 until April 30, the Four Seasons Cairo at Nile Plaza is turning over their spots for a few days and taking on the tastes of India! Can we get a hurrah?With celebrity chef Vikram Udaygiri paying the Four Seasons a visit, you can finally get a real sense of the fusion of different flavours that comes bursting through any authentic Indian dish. They'll basically be teleporting our taste buds directly to India. However, it doesn’t end there; they’ll have an Indian team of musicians, dancers, and singers providing entertainment as you enjoy their poolside buffet in the summer breeze. We've got pretty active imaginations, though, so we can't help but wonder if they'll be making a grand entrance with performers on elephants, or if we'll get ourselves a mini-Bollywood right at the Four Seasons Cairo at Nile Plaza. 

Okay, we have to snap back to reality. Prepare yourselves for a currylicious ride! Pro tip: make sure you wear your sweatpants; you'll be stuffing your faces with their delicious desserts as well!

You can check out the Four Seasons Cairo at Nile Plaza on Facebook here or follow them on Instagram @fscaironp.