Friday December 8th, 2023
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Indulge in a Greek-Egyptian Fusion Iftar Buffet at Zoé

Zoé’s iftar special might just convince you that inhaling a whole buffet is feasible.

Layla Raik

As we near the end of the fasting day, our dietary delusions (more commonly referred to as deloo-loos) gradually gain momentum, convincing us we can inhale an entire buffet and swallow the Nile whole. The First Nile Boat’s Zoé holds you up to the test with infallible iftar menus (and buffets) and sweeping Nile views.

While not exactly incorporating unclean river water into the process, Zoé breathes the spirit of the Nile into a one-of-a-kind culinary experience that features an extensive variety of oriental and Mediterranean dishes. In other words, Zoé’s unwavering devotion to culture-bound excellence is what propels them to put together beautiful palates that excite both a (growling) tummy and soul.

Grounded in what we’ve considered the key of life for centuries now, Zoé creates lavish iftar platters that are reminiscent of sickly sweet pasts, elevated by the opulent hospitality of the Four Seasons’ First Nile Boat.

To reserve your evening of elegant dining against the breath-taking backdrop of the capital, call +2 02 3567 2022.