Wednesday December 6th, 2023
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It’s Time for You to Hit These Cairene Boujee Date Night Spots

These boujee date hot spots will have you recreating the Spaghetti scene from Lady & the Tramp in no time.

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Whether you’re more of a Material Girl or a Material Gorl, the truth is that you need pampering, and in today’s material world, the powder room rate is simply through the roof. This is exactly why we’ve compiled this list of sumptuous date night spots you can subtly drop hints at. In the age of self-care and self-love, we aren’t accepting any man who isn’t wine-ing and dining us at least once a month, and that’s on knowing our worth. If you have an anniversary coming up, or just got your nails done, or have a new dress that is just begging to be worn (or if you’ve just re-watched Pretty Woman), this one’s for you.

XODÓXODÓ is the South American eatery of our dreams, offering an authentic churrascaria (Brazilian meat fresh off the grill) experience that will have your inner gym girl drooling, with no need for a cheat day. Right on Four Seasons’ First Nile Boat, XODÓ’s colourful Brazil-inspired menu will perfectly match your statement earrings.

Location: Four Seasons First Nile Boat

MAKINOIf Sex & the City taught us one thing, it’s that sushi is the most romantic food. I mean, an entirely bite-sized cuisine? Your sexy red lip will thank you. This is exactly why this lavish sushi spot in Zamalek is the perfect date destination, complete with a post-dessert Zamalek walk (on which you can potentially drag him to our fave Diwan branch and truly make his pockets hurt).

Location: Hilton, Zamalek


This Daisy-Buchanan-approved restaurant is the spot to show off your Chanels and pearls (the best-known trick to keep the gworls). With an impressive authentic Italian macaroni selection, Pier88 is all exactly where you need to be to recreate the famous Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene.

Location: New Giza

THE ORIGINSA contemporary twist on our favourite ethnic dishes, Origins is the perfect spot to enthrall your classic bent balad with a heart of gold. The eatery’s earthy atmosphere will have you feeling so perfectly at home, you’ll spill your childhood trauma in no time.

Location: Garden 8, New Cairo

TAO Tao is the ostentatious eatery elevating your takeaway-Chinese-in-front-of-the-TV nights into a delectable experience. With a Mr-Worldwide-suited menu combining Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Indian cuisines, Tao is here to satisfy your Asian cravings while refining your palate from the heart of New Cairo.

Location: Dusit Thani, New Cairo

LE PETIT CHEFBecause material girls can be quirky too, this Nile-side luxury restaurant is here to bring your Ratatouille dreams to life. Taking you on a five-course extravaganza, the 58-mm chef is the exact type of restaurant Karim (from Hob ElBanat) would take Roqaya to, and they even have a vegetarian menu.

Location: Four Seasons First Nile Boat


The perfect spot for artists and angels, Lexie’s is where Michelangelo would’ve taken his dates if he were alive today. The lush restaurant presents an enticing range of Italian dishes with a story, elevated by an elite choice of drink and the space’s angelic feel. You can also share the love past your hearts by revelling in the eatery’s Salted Caramel Fondant, the delicious dessert that helps a heart.You don’t have to be crying (or lying in your lonely bed) when you could be at this top-notch Greek eatery serving the Mykonos experience by the Nile. The summer night breeze combined with your favourite white dress and Zoé’s delectable gyros will have you forgetting all about your he's-my-boyfriend-not-my-dad-situation in no time.

Location: Four Seasons First Nile Boat

LEXIE'SThe perfect spot for artists and angels, Lexie’s is where Michelangelo would’ve taken his dates if he were alive today. The lush restaurant presents an enticing range of Italian dishes with their backstories, elevated by an elite selection of drinks and a heavenly (literally) ambiance. Make sure to indulge in a slice of their Ricotta Cheesecake, after all, the one sign of true love is sharing dessert. 

Location: LakeView Lakeyard, New Cairo