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JW's Steakhouse Imports the Cuts for an International VIP Meat Experience

We received the royal treatment at JW's Steakhouse, presented with jaw-dropping cuts of meat from all across the globe, for a memorable dining experience for any hardcore carnivore.

A delicious steak imported from the finest global meat producer, cut properly and cooked to a medium rare perfection, can be difficult to find amid Oum el Well Done. However, surpassing any expectations one can place on steak dinner is the ultra-luxurious and sublimely delicious JW’s Steakhouse located in the magnificent JW Marriott Hotel Cairo in Mirage City.

Entering JW’s Steakhouse, we instantly felt like we were in the ultimate fine dining man-cave, complete with bullhorn steak plates, cigar humidor, and a well-stocked bar. In the dimly lit extravagant dining room, we felt one step closer to understanding the concept of hunting, almost feeling compelled to come back with a piece of meat we killed ourselves and handing it over to the skilled professional chefs to prepare. However, we were instantly greeted by a courteous server who brought to the table a variety of meat cuts, explaining the difference between the pieces of meat and the countries they are imported from. Instantly enticed, we decided to select the two promotions being featured at JW’s Steakhouse: a delectable taste of filet mignon from around the world, and a massive and tender Chateaubriand served for two.

Before getting to our show-stopping meat entrees, we decided to begin the meal with a couple of appetizers to get our mouths salivating. The first dish was a picturesque presentation of a salad of tomato and blue cheese that delivered a powerful punch of flavour. However, as good as it was, it paled in comparison to the unique flavour combinations presented in their vanilla-marinated salmon on a bed of grapefruit. Standing out as the highlight in the starter round, this dish didn’t seem to make sense on paper, but delivered a creative balance between the citrus elements of the grapefruit offsetting the sweetness of the vanilla, and registered on our taste buds as one of the most unique handlings of salmon we have had the pleasure of trying.

However, this establishment isn’t called the JW’s Salmonhouse, and as impressed as we were, it failed to overshadow the real stars of the night: The Steaks. The filet mignon from around the world provided three cuts imported from Australia, Canada, and Japan. Although each steak was cooked to medium rare perfection, a noticeable difference in terms of tenderness and flavour became apparent as we took the world tour on our plate. The clear winner, which should come as no surprise, was the filet mignon exclusive to Japan, known as Wagyu. Coming a close second was the Canadian cut, followed by the Australian, and although all steaks were sublime, an educated palette would pick up the subtle differences and truly appreciate the culinary trip.

Just when we thought the global filet mignon dish couldn’t possibly be topped, entered a Chateaubriand preparation that instantly caused our jaws to drop in cartoonish fashion. Served with a baked potato stuffed with mashed potatoes and colourful sautéed vegetables, the Chateaubriand – paired with a complimentary red wine – was easily the best thing we ate that night, and although it was served with a variety of sauces and sautéed mushrooms, it was almost so delicate and juicy that it didn’t even need one.

By this point, we felt that we had become more cow than man, with our bellies distended; however, dessert was on its way, and instantly demanded our attention. Presented with a mango éclair imported from the internationally renowned Fauchon, we were immediately transported to Paris. The éclair was a feast for the eyes and, more importantly, a light palate cleanser to what had shaped up to be one of the finest steak dinners we were ever treated to.

Although the atmosphere appeared somewhat tailored to man and his hunt for the finest meat, the ambiance was quite nice for a romantic meal or special occasion, as each booth delivered a sense of privacy. We struggled to find something negative to say, but each dish was delivered to the highest standards and was on par with any renowned steakhouse within or outside Egyptian borders. Alerted that the Chateaubriand promotion will only be running till the end of March, we began discussing when we will be able to make our next visit, as it is extremely rare – or, rather, medium rare – to find a steakhouse that can deliver a cut of meat from different parts of the world, saving its patrons on the airfare.

For more information about the JW Steakhouse visit JW Marriott Cairo's Facebook page by clicking here or follow them on Instagram @jwmarriottcairo.

Main image courtesy of JW Marriott Hotel Cairo's Facebook page. Remainder of photography by Eihab Boraie.