Sunday April 14th, 2024
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Keep Your Enemies Close & Your Tacos Closer At New Cairo's Tostado

This New Cairo Mexican grill is the Kim Possible Bueno Nacho of our time.

Layla Raik

Keep Your Enemies Close & Your Tacos Closer At New Cairo's Tostado

Once a cuisine popularised by some of the earliest agricultural communities of our world, Mexican food has now grown to encompass so much more than a powerful history; it has become a source of comfort transgressing cultural borders and enabling edge-of-the-world journeys in a single bite. Tostado, the Mexican grill heaven taking shelter in Tagamoa’s One Golden Square, is the spot to visit for freshly-shaken Mexican food. 

Put on your fav khaki pants & tiny black top combo and grab your Ron Possible because it’s your chance to rule the (taco) world at the obscured build-a-taco joint that is Tostado. Much like Kim Possible’s Bueno Nacho, Tostado is the spot to stock up on the Mexican delights of your wildest 8-year-old dreams prior to your more concrete assignment-fulfilling plans to save the world from the big bad green man. 

Naturally, because we’re all the nacho-craving Rufus poking out of Ron’s pocket TBH, Tostado’s nacho assortment is a feast for the hungry, allowing you to take your pick out of nacho chips & sauce for that perfectly-concocted goodness. Besides that, you can also build a traditional salad, taco, burrito, or burrito bowl to your own liking - making the distant foreignness of Mexican food disappear as fast as the nacho plate you got as an appetiser. 

If you’re team I-like-my-food-ready, you can spring for either Tostado’s quesadillas or their soul-fortifying fried chimichangas - both reputable remedies for the ravenous and indecisive.