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Konafa Mochi is Now a Thing with Taiyaki

Succumb to the konafa crumbs that are bound to fall on your lap and just enjoy the little mochi kick that follows.

Nothing screams Ramadan more than a crunchy and succulent biteful of konafa goodness. We’ve lived and we thought we’ve witnessed all the konafa variations, but just like last year, and the year before that, we were once again proven wrong. Taiyaki - one of Egypt’s beloved Japanese dessert hotspots - has meshed all the Ramadan konafa flavours with some chilled mochi goodness for your culinary pleasure.

“We began to elevate the concept bit by bit until we procured 15 different flavours. Our Mochi’s are also the biggest in the market,” owner Ibrahim Al Sanan tells #SceneEats. “In terms of the konafa mochi, we thought of Ramadan and how everyone loves konafa or some variation of Egyptian sweets and we chose the most popular konafa flavours and we mixed them without signature ice cream.” Taiyaki has taken the creamy mochi and breaded it in Egyptian-style konafa, filled it with crushed pistachio and vanilla ice cream, and oh lord is it like…getting increasingly hot in here?

When asked about their upcoming brands, Al Sanan - much like his mochi endeavors - kept it short and sweet, “We’re also preparing our summer flavours and we have amazing flavours in-store, flavours that are 100% Japanese of course.”

You can find Taiyaki at the Spot Mall in front of AUC, Qubix Hub in Zayed, The Park Mall of Arabia in 6th of October and soon at the Street at CFCM, New Cairo, henny.