Wednesday July 24th, 2024
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L'Éclair Paris: The Ultimate Dessert Decadence

Nothing is ever as delicious as the authentic version of it and L'Éclair Paris is setting new standards for the famed French dessert...

Staff Writer

L'Éclair Paris: The Ultimate Dessert Decadence

You know that dessert you’ve been eating all your life in Egypt that they call ‘éclair’ ? It’s nice right? At least that’s what we thought back in the day before we found out we were being deceived. Thanks to cut-throat competition in the world of eateries in Cairo, and particularly in the dessert world, we gluttonous foodie consumers are getting happier with every new opening. We particularly love those who respect our palates enough to provide us with the highest quality. L’Éclair Paris is now taking the bar even higher than it ever was, and we find out for the first time in our lives (those who have never been to France and had an éclair there at least) what an éclair really is. And oh dear, how divine it turned out to be.

L’Éclair Paris is a genuinely authentic French patisserie that creates its insanely wide variety of exquisite pastries out of the very French ‘pâte à choux’. It is so hard to sit down and write this while images of rich dark creamy chocolate oozing out of the finest choux ever keep flashing through one’s head. Choux in itself without any additions, is one of the most delicious and scrumptious pastries ever. Not many people know this, but it can be equally used for savoury éclairs as well. L’éclair Paris have mouthwatering savoury eclairs from turkey to smoked salmon. On the other side of the spectrum, coffee lovers must try the coffee éclair.

Your senses are not something to take lightly. They are something to indulge and please. L’éclair Paris know that very well, and it shows.

You can check out their Facebook page or follow them on Instagram @leclair_paris.