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Lamo2a5za but, Like, Allow Us to Introduce This Brand New Seafood Spot

The cute Merghany spot offers all kinds of seafood dishes, soups, salads and pastas.

When thinking of what to name your restaurant, the phrase ‘LaMo2a5za’ isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind, but these brand new seafood spot in Heliopolis did it anyway, and we stan the originality if we’re honest. Located on a quaint little spot on Merghany with  a focus on seafood and only seafood, the restaurant serves a variety of our seafood faves, as well as some of their own creations. 

On Lamo2a5za’s menu, you’ll find “tawagen” shrimp, cuttlefish eggs, shrimp kofta, and fish fillet covered In mozzarella, as well as savers’ boxes ft. fries and crab sticks also covered in cheese and grilled grey mullet and seabream. The spot also serves seafood, rice, pasta, soup and lobster and meal deals that include, soup, salad and a side, in in addition to clams and mussels.

You can find ‘Lamo2a5za’ on 92 El-Sayed El-Merghany street, Heliopolis, opposite Kolleyet El-Banat metro station or call  at +2 010 5009 0738.