Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Le Méridien Cairo Airport's Mezzeh Will Take you to Lebanon

Some people head to the airport to travel, we here at SceneEats head to the airport to eat.

Kurt Galalah

Ya Allah! Lebanon, known for her gorj scenery, beautiful weather and, hands down, nomnomnom-inducing food! We’re talking about manoucheh, fattah, and halloumi -- we’re talking about the entire Lebanese gastronomical discography! Lebanese food comfortably sits on a pedestal all by itself and Mezzeh recognises this. 

Located inside Le Meridien Cairo Airport Hotel, Mezzeh comes equipped with a live open kitchen that lets you in on all the magic. Yup, you get to see their culinary wizards go at it whilst you wait for your fattoush to make its way to you. We here at SceneEats also recommend having the shish tawook from their chargrilled meats and the malabeya from their desserts.

Oh, and if you thought we forgot, we absolutely did not. The most important thing to order here at Mezzeh is, well, their mezzeh. This is truly where the restaurant shines because you can have them before, during or after your meal. They work for anytime – especially their batata 7arra, hummus, and tehina. 

If you want to have a little taste of Lebanon without actually traveling, Mezzeh is the way to go. Call ‘em up on 02 22659600 for reservations.