Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Lemon Grass is the Authentic Thai Place Shaking Things Up in Dahab

This comfort nook is bringing your backpacking dreams to life - minus the blisters.

Scene Eats

Ever wondered what happens when you drop a natural cook in a land with notoriously experimental (and delicious) cuisine, video-game-revival style? You get a serene escape-nook on Dahab’s busy Mamsha, with exquisite authentic Thai food that will keep you coming night after night. That is exactly where the idea for Lemongrass was conceived: in an innovative head on the small island of Koh Tao.
A quiet haven in the middle of the town, Lemongrass is the spot for *actual* Thai food in Dahab, serving you an opulent variety of all kinds of Thai dishes - from different curries to stir-fries to soups - with a side of Thai wonderland. While touring the cultural wonderland that is Thailand, Sayed Kotb, the creator of Lemon Grass (alongside his brother, Ahmed), found fascination in much more than the culture’s dishes. From the serendipitous beauty of nature jumping out at you at every turn, to the total peace of mind achievable in such a grounded community - we finally get the hype about the whole gap-year-to-backpack-around-Thailand trope. 

Even the ingredients making up Thai food fascinated the brothers. “Not many people are aware of how some of the ingredients are actually considered ‘superfoods’ capable of strengthening your immune system, speeding up your metabolism and combatting inflammation,” said tells SceneEats, “Tom Yum Goong, one of the most well-known Thai dishes, for example, contains a bunch of antioxidants and is packed with cancer-fighting ingredients like galangal, garlic, lemongrass and coconut milk.”
One of the Thai-famous ingredients that particularly caught Sayed’s eye though, (so much that it became the restaurant’s namesake), is lemongrass, or the angel’s lettuce, if you will. The herb is the kind of stuff they use in magic potions: “On top of its fresh and citrusy taste, lemongrass helps to prevent the growth of bacteria and yeast, support the relief of pain and swelling (from walking around Dahab all day), reduce fever, improve levels of blood sugar and cholesterol, stimulate uterus and menstrual flow and have antioxidant properties. In fact, one study proves that lemon grass may help slow down the development of cancer cells.” Yep. Superfood.

Because the eyes eat first, the siblings sought to extend the healing properties of their food to the environment, by creating a haven of calm in the most bustling part of town.

Handpicking wood, bamboo and plants, the creators made sure their restaurant was as calm and grounding as possible - especially the all-bamboo beach bar *wink wink*.

Having just opened a month ago, the restaurant is a Dahab staple in the making. Their delicious Pad Thai and Chicken Panang, fan-favourite spice-filled iced tea, myriad of vegan options and an environment of serenity only achievable by a Dahab beach - Lemongrass is the new touristic - or local - hot spot.