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Lemony’s Cheesecakes: Homemade Drool-Worthy Dessert

For the love of cheesecake...

Sure you’ve been breaking a sweat like crazy the past week and have been living off carrots and tasteless puke-looking oatmeal recipes and what is basically rabbit food, but we know you’ve been craving a freshly-baked mind-blowing cheesecake for the entire last week as well. Let it be known that we are not here to judge. We’re here to help.

We’ve all tried those artificial far-too-bland or way-too-sugary cheesecakes that just taste like a lot of manufactured sugar and yes we’d like to avoid that happening again. Now, you can enjoy fresh, homemade - and tailor-made - cheesecakes delivered to your doorstep.Lemony’s Cheesecakes, an online cheesecake delivery service, solves our dilemma and ensures we get the most exquisite desserts out there. Their most famous and recommended flavour is the lemon cheesecake topped with lemon curd but that's just scratching the surface; the variety of mix and match flavours offered by dessert maestros will definitely get you drooling and ditching the damn carrots and boiled asparagus, especially considering the fact that the menu includes an array of chocolates, caramels, and fruits thrown into the delicious mix. All you have to do is order your choice of cheesecake 24 hours prior so that it can be made for and delivered to you. 
We might be egging you on with some sweet sins here, but we’re pretty sure that a homemade heavenly cheesecake can kiss asparagus' ass any day.

For more about Lemony’s Cheesecakes, you can visit their Facebook page or Instagram account.