Friday 2 of December, 2022
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Look Out Gouna; BRGR Truck Is Back!

As if a slider from BRGR Truck was not already too perfect, now we get to enjoy it on the beaches of El Gouna.

Staff Writer

Guess who's back in El Gouna with a not-so-secret agenda to make our tummies smile? Nope, not a belly-tickling clown – creepy. We'll help you out, here. They are Egypt’s favourite nomads. They always surprise us with their new locations, and we're always super excited and willing to travel far and wide to find them. Gastro Nomads BRGR Truck, duh! Seriously, what other purpose in the world would send us on the road in search of some savoury, hefty hunks of meat? ...Don't answer that.Anyway, BRGR Truck is headed to El Gouna from April 21st until May 2nd. Why? Obviously something big is happening if they're going to trek all the way down there. This time, it's the Gouna Squash Open and it's sponsored by this particular foodie favourite. If you happen to be in El Gouna – or need an excuse to head to El Gouna – make your way over to the New Marina and feast on some of their signature delicious sliders, while you watch humans far fitter than you dominate on the squash courts. Pack your fat kid pants, loosen those belts, and try catching up with us before we get there and gobble down all their food. 

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