Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Mac's Kitchen Makes Your Food Choices For You So You Don't Have To

Finally, someone's come out and made the "what are we going to eat today?" decision for us!

Staff Writer

We all know how annoying it tends to get when all we want is to order food but can't seem to make a decision because everything is just so boring and repetitive. At some point, everything starts to taste the same. 7aga te2rif, sa7? We don't know whether the problem is with the food itself or with the fact that we're unbearably indecisive. We love having tons of options to choose from, but, if we're honest, choices actually scare us. Choices leave us vulnerable to making a bad decision and - gasp! - eating bad food. It then becomes our fault that we made a bad food choice. It's actually a rather heartbreaking scenario. It's time for change, damn it! We need someone to make decisions for us; irrespective of what that says about our own emotionally unhealthy issues, we need it! We need a place that'll come up to us and go, "Hey, we'll pick your meal for you today because decisions are hard." Thankfully, Mac's Kitchen is willing to take on the decision-making task for us.

Lots of food places will give us so many options and so much variety but lack quality as a result. They make every type of food under the sun, from the fajita to the sashimi, but it all tastes mediocre; Jack of all trades, master of none. Mac's Kitchen takes a totally different approach and, every day, they cook just one dish and make it available to the first 25 people to place their order. Each day holds a new surprise home-cooked dish by the Mac himself: Co-Founder Magdy El Garhy. Mac's Kitchen, the new father-son business, is all about the quality and the convenience of the customer. According to Hashem El Garhy, “Mac’s Kitchen is about high quality, very tasty homemade Western food; we tell you what we are serving and you just tell us where to serve.” If you live in Downtown Zamalek or Mohandessin, you're among the lucky few who can order from Mac's Kitchen as they still don't have an actual brick-and-mortar location and are taking orders solely by phone.

Check out what they're serving every day on their Facebook page here and their Instagram @MacsKitchenEg.