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Mansoura Gets Cheesy AF With Shelter House

Mansoura Gets Cheesy AF With Shelter House

Only in Mansoura, House of Cheese is every cheese lovers dream come true.

We found us a new place that is obsessed with cheese and everything cheese. We mean, like, legit cheese fountains, hot dogs in cheese, meatballs in cheese; errythang. Oh, and it happens to be in Mansoura. 

 If you don't already know, Shelter House of Cheese uses cheese as their main ingredient for everything on their menu unlike other restaurants that have cheese as the guest star. The eatery is known for their famous cheese fountain where you get your own non-stop, runny fountain of cheese where you dip whatever you want into it. If that’s not cheesy enough for you, then their cheese puree "tasa" should be enough. A pan full of melted cheese that is put into the oven to get a perfectly crispy top. They also have fried chicken sandwiches, pastas and burgers that are all drenched in cheese, of course.

Wait, it gets better. It wouldn't be a cheese house without cheesecake, would it now? Their cute mini cheesecake jars are also to die for. If you happen to live in Mansoura or anywhere nearby (we’re talking to you people of Damietta), pop by for some cheesy time.