Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Martin's Beach Lounge Revives Sahel's Heyday

There's a new hot spot, right on the beach, and they're bringing back the peace and relaxation that we used to love about the North Coast...

Staff Writer

Remember when Sahel was about kicking back and relaxing on the beach? When sunset meant time for a light meal, and perhaps a smooth shisha, as you settle into the evening? Now it’s all about party hopping and pre-drinking and driving from hot spot to hot spot at reckless speeds. One new beach spot is bringing back those old school Sahel vibes we know and love, and saying goodbye to the modern fast-paced holiday.

Located in Marassi’s North Beach, Martin’s Beach Lounge has a touch of St. Tropez to it, all dazzling white and right on the coast, but minus the posers, the billionaire playboys and the Hilton sisters. Taking up a space on the sand with plush bean-bags and lazy chaise longues, as well as a gorgeous gazebo for when the sun is just too much, the upscale venue is in the face of the constant cool breeze. There’s even mattresses right on the sand for those looking to really chillax (just make sure you’ve applied your dose of SPF if you’re going to go pass out on the beach).

Conceptualised by a group of friends who like the simpler things in life, Martin’s Beach Lounge focuses on good food, great drinks and ultra chill vibes. With the food and beverage situation taken care of by Fudge Fellas, you can expect super cool smoothies and fresh fruit cocktails, including a passion fruit smoothie we can’t wait to get our hands on, as well as an array of light sandwiches and burgers, saucy pastas and oven baked pizzas. And then, there are the desserts. This is a company called Fudge Fellas after all. Satiate that beach hunger with a white chocolate molten cake (forgive us father, for we have sinned), gooey hot chocolate cake in a cup (oh dear lord) or something they call Brownie Del Fudgers. Needless to say, expect to pile on a few pounds this summer.

When it comes to a smooth smoke, you won’t find anything better than Martin’s shisha. With all the flavours you can think of and more, including premium tobacco blends and the special Fudge Shisha. There’s even an iced hose version for those who like it cool – and who wouldn’t in this sweltering summer? With the weekend fast approaching, we’ll be heading to Martin’s Beach Lounge (P.S – you can bring your own bottle). Entrance is 100LE for non Marassi members; a small price to pay for sun, sea and peace of mind.

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