Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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McDonald’s Celebrates 50th Big Mac Anniversary with Limited Collectible ‘MacCoins’

You can exchange them for Big Macs, but you won’t want to after seeing them.

Staff Writer

McDonald’s is introducing a new set of five limited edition MacCoins for all Big Mac lovers to celebrate the good old Big Mac’s 50th birthday.The lovingly-named MacCoin is a food-backed currency, with each MacCoin worth one Big Mac.

Millions of these shiny MacCoins will be in 50 countries, starting on the 2nd of August. Each of the five shiny little bits of treasure will have a theme representing a certain era in history; the ‘70s coins are adorned with a wonderful flower-power pattern, the ‘80s coins are an ode to funky synth-pop and pop art aesthetics, the ‘90s coins sport a bunch of abstract shapes reminiscent of your uncle’s weird (but lovable) wallpaper, the 00’s have a thing for the rise of handheld technology and the Internet, and the ‘10s is (whether you like it or not) adorned with a litany of emojis; signifying the advent of the decade’s outstanding communications technology.

The coveted MacCoin is a direct homage to the deliciously economical Big Mac Index; The Economist’s intriguingly accurate take on the concept, to correlate the country’s currency and its exchange rates in other countries to that of the standard price of a Big Mac at the time.

How does one get their hands on these MacCoins? McDonald's will be holding a set of activations, so stay tuned. You might even want to give the McCoins to a friend/loved one/particularly useful work superior. I need a raise soon, so this will help tremendously.