Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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Medekari: Authentic Mediterranean Cuisine in New Cairo

This Mediterranean eatery is the equivalent of a trip to Alexandria, Greece, Italy from the familiar comfort of New Cairo.

Layla Raik

Medekari: Authentic Mediterranean Cuisine in New Cairo

When we think of the Mediterranean, we look back lovingly at memories spent by Alexandrian beaches, dreams of Mamma Mia adventures and images of the Italian countryside, all of which is normally followed by an insatiable itch to espouse sea-based travels as the coping mechanism of choice. Since that is recently off the market, though, and the easiest way to experience a country is through its cuisine, we’ve been migrating to New Cairo’s recently-spawned Mediterranean haven, Medekari.

Elegantly designed to recreate the sea breeze amidst the concrete jungle that is New Cairo, the restaurant hosts a spectacular dining experience where you can drag your girlies - a chance to flaunt your most recently splurged-on outfits - for an opulent Shmex-and-the-City-style breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The restaurant, most beautiful when moonlit, boasts an impressive array of dinner options, from delicious mozzarella caprese salads and seared halloumi bites and burrata that brings tears of joy to your lactose-intolerant eyes.

Sparking off the exciting starters, you can also indulge in mouthfuls of perfectly balanced sandwiches, artisanal pizzas, pasta, creamy risottos and a stunning array of main dishes featuring the fruit of the land and sea.