Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Mezzanine is Perf for WFH Vibes

Using local beef, artisanal buns, in-house sauces, and premium ingredients, this coffeeshop could actually compete with its awesome selection of burgers.

Mariam Nowar

Near the end of 2016, architect Mo'men Nada had decided to finally act upon his passion for F&B and launched his own small coffee shop, Mezzanine. At the time, he was also launching his own firm in architecture, but decided to keep the shop as a side project running parallel so that he could explore the field. 

Nada mixed from both of his worlds and named the place after an architectural term; ‘Mezzanine’, as in an intermediate floor in a building. He then found a nice place that carried the vibe of vintage old houses in Heliopolis, which featured mosaic walls, arches, and an overall ambiance that may not exist plentiful nowadays.

"I always like to deal with people that they're not a customer or a guest," Nada tells #SceneEats. "What makes me happy the most is when a loyal customer brings his friends and recommends the place since they know it and know the staff. I always give them the opportunity to feel like it's their own space."

The tranquillity and homey feel may draw you in thinking Mezzanine is just another comfy coffee shop, but like a moth to the flame once you’re there you’ll get all fired up for their crazy-good selection of burgers.

Using local beef, artisanal buns, in-house sauces, and premium ingredients, the coffeeshop may actually compete with other burger experts. "I know most places that serve burgers and it's one of my favourite items,” Nada says.” I took everything that I saw in the market and attempted to concoct the best burgers in town."

So next time you're in Heliopolis and craving a space that feels like home, a good cup of coffee, and a world-class burger, Mezzanine is the place for you.