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Mivida Gets Its Own Sohour Truck by the Name of Zabady W Zabado

Can you ever have too much foul w taameya -- especially in Mivida? The answer is no.

Zabady w Zabado is the new spot bringing all that is homey, traditional, and hearty of Egyptian sohour meals to the lux and lavish Mivida compound in New Cairo. The savvy stop is only just getting started and we can’t wait to see what the rest of Ramadan has in store for our new relationship with Zabady w Zabado; you can never really have enough foul w taameya. 

For 26-year-old founder Ahmed Ehab, food is a driving force of his inspiration (that, we can definitely relate to). “I studied mechanical engineering at AUC and currently work in the industry too, but food has always been what I would’ve done if I hadn’t gone down my current career path. It’s what really drives my inspiration,” said Ehab.


Zabady w Zabado is a testament to exactly that. Ehab essentially saw the opportunity and seized it- there aren’t any sohour spots serving staple cornerstone dishes at Mivida, and so he made the decision to breathe life into the foul-and-falafel-deprived Mivida ecosystem for Ramadan. 

At this point, we already know what you’re thinking- what does the name ‘Zabady w Zabado’ have to do with Ramadan? The answer is nothing, sorta. “Well, zabady is a necessary sohour classic, but I just really love Zabado. Ever since I was five, I’ve been in love with Zabado and it kinda just stuck with me for all these years; I had to incorporate that, somehow.” A man of principle? We’re sold. 

Zabady w Zabado launched just this past week on the 3rd night of Ramadan after test runs at the soft opening. However, the spot has already cultivated a list of best selling dishes that we’re already obsessing over:  gebna ma2leya, mozzarella taameya, foul iskandarani, and a gorgeous mix of Lotus and Nutella mini pancakes. 

The food spot currently delivers in Mivida, as well as within a 5 km zone from the compound. If you’re not one of the chosen Mivida dwellers, you can reserve a spot at Zabady w Zabado through their Instagram.