Friday December 1st, 2023
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Natives Is Leading the Revolution for Top-Notch Agricultural Products

Natives focuses on high quality Egyptian products, things you’d usually get in Egypt, but only better.

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Dates are a central delicacy in Egyptian culture, walking into a supermarket, they’re on every single shelf. There is however one huge issue with dates in Egypt, most brands produce the same exact quality. 

Have you ever had date spread before? Well, now you can 

This is where Natives come in. The poster child of financial analyst Abdullah el Menoufy and agricultural consultant Tag El Din Mohamed Ragab, and the main source for top-notch naturally sourced agricultural products from Egypt. 

The idea for Natives came together when the founders saw the need for a market for higher quality Egyptian products. Things that are widely available here, like olive oil and dates, but handled with care. “Natives is our second and third job, it's something that we love. When we find products that need the light of day, it’s our responsibility to get it out there. It’s all about the benefit to everyone,” stated Ragab.

Natives also specialises in making olive oil

Now, it’s understandable why one would be confused, why would I buy dates at triple the price of what I would usually pay? This is important to note, given that Egypt is the main exporter of dates, they’re literally everywhere. 

This question is simply answered with one word, quality. It’s the same dates you’d get in the supermarket, yes, to a certain extent. However the process of collecting Native’s “rotab” is specific and very time-consuming in comparison to every other date on the market. This process yields perfect, smooth and soft dates that taste nothing like the ones on the market, every single time. 

Their rotab is to die for 

The company’s founders hold a lot of passion towards their products. Their main goal being to highlight those Egyptian products by producing them at the highest quality, making them a delicacy. “We saw that we can establish a brand that will encompass all of the great products grown in Egypt, organic and high quality that we can compete with in the local market, so we went for it,” Ragab adds.

He added that the market for natural products is slowly growing in Egypt, and with the recent changes in the import/export list, this is the time for Egyptian products to take the lead.