Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Nespresso Variations: Winter Bliss in A Cup

Forget gimmick-y red cups with you name scrawled on them - Nespresso's new winter variations add a touch of mint chocolate, hazelnut cookie and apple crumble for a sophisticated seasonal treat.

Staff Writer

Forget pumpkin spice lattes, eggnog or mulled wine: The festive season just got a whole new taste. Nespresso has created three new delicious Limited Edition Variations just in time for winter. For six months a global survey determined what coffee flavours this world longs for, and the world has chosen Nespresso to get a new twist of Mint Chocolate, Hazelnut Cookie and Apple Crumble.

We want you to close your eyes and imagine going for an afternoon coffee. To treat yourself, you add a freshly-baked, out of the oven apple pie to your beverage. Both the apple pie and coffee look so good, you don't know what to go for first. Now imagine you don't have to make a choice, because the new Limited Edition Variations are more than just a flavoured coffee. This Holiday season Nespresso is a coffee as well as a sweet treat. The added flavor inspired by the most popular desserts from all over the world supplements your beloved Nespresso coffee. With the Limited Editions, you may make your own freshly-brewed Chocolate Mint Iced Latte, Apple Crumble Macchiato or Hazelnut Crunchy Cappuccino. Many festive recipes are available on the Nespresso homepage, allowing you to be your own barista this festive season.

We know mouths are starting to water right now but we will tell you more. The Mint Chocolate Variation merges the delicious taste of dark chocolate and refreshing mint to make a cup of Nespresso that combines caffiene with everyone's favourite seasonal chocolate treat. A freshly-baked apple pie comes in a cup with the Apple Crumble Variations which tastes like the all-American childhood we've never lived. Meanwhile, the Hazelnut Cookie flavour promises to unite the decadence of cookies fresh from the oven with a season nutty flavour. All the unique twists are added to our favourite Livato Grand Cru Nespresso coffee and will therefore satisfy your sweet tooth as much as your caffeine need.

What's really important though, is that Nespresso's new Variations provide the perfect winter treat, without having to write your name on the cup.

For more information and recipe inspirations visit the Nespresso website