Sunday June 4th, 2023
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New Cairo Restaurant Nazli Draws Culinary Inspiration from Egyptian Royalty

Nazli offers authentic, old-school Egyptian cuisine with a modern twist in a charming setting harking back to the good old days.

Staff Writer

While you were on the beach feasting on Fesikh and Renga on Sham El Nessim, an engaged couple were busy opening a new restaurant in New Cairo over Easter break. Nazli offers a fancy take on traditional Egyptian cuisine within a neo-classically designed setting. It’s owned by Mohannad and Noura, who plan to name their first daughter Nazli.

The establishment itself is named after Queen Nazli Sabri, the second wife of King Fuad, who reigned over Egypt from 1922 to 1936, to reflect its vintage aesthetic. The premise of Mohannad and Noura’s venture was to offer an environment that provides a quality of service and food that harks back to those years of old world charm and elegance, and they do that perfectly. Their menu is filled exclusively with household Egyptian dishes made from the highest quality local ingredients that would be fitting for no less than King Fuad himself. It includes everything from crowd favourites like grilled halloumi to all variations of poultry and beef! You can even do your own grilling if you're an unbearbly picky eater and no other restaurant in town will put up with your nutritional eccentricities and you just at home starving everyday!     

Even more confidence-inspiring is the fact that one half of this entrepreneurial couple, Mohannad, happens to be the proud owner of popular Heliopolis fried chicken restaurant whose menu will also be available at Nazli for the little Texan in you!      

You can indulge your sweet tooth in a way reminiscent of King Farouk’s eating habits with their unique twist on local traditional desserts such as Omm Ali and a Reese's pizookie, or just go full fallah and order a plate of pineapples or a watermelon. Wash it all down with a Pina Colada or any of Nazli’s wide selection of fresh juices ranging from carrot to watermelon. Shisha is also available if you wish to soothe your throat with a relaxing smoke after guzzling down that hearty meal.

You can find Nazli in the Kattameya Plaza compound, not far from Rehab Gate 1. It’s very family-oriented and doesn’t serve alcohol, so you don’t need to be anxious about bringing the old man here as a Father’s Day treat or taking the hagga out for her birthday. Nazli offers something close to home in a culinary market saturated by international cuisines. We usually go for Italian, Sushi, Chinese, or burgers to satisfy our appetites, yet Nazli gives us a local alternative we could only be more proud to feast on.

Check out their Facebook page here and you can call them for a reservation by dialling 01222444013.

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