Tuesday June 18th, 2024
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New Cairo's Clucks Makes 70s Inspired Chicken Dinners

The American dream has been deep-fried and brought to New Cairo.

Layla Raik

New Cairo's Clucks Makes 70s Inspired Chicken Dinners

The type of interstate biker-infested diner with flickering lights and an unshakeable grease stench has, for some obscure reason - probably having to do with our compulsory westernisation - been on everyone’s must-visit list since they saw ‘When Harry Met Sally’ (AKA the beginning of time). Finally bringing the 70s visions to life, New Cairo’s all-new Clucks is the facelifted version of that irresistible dingy American dream.

Specialising in chicken, and picking up fiendish chicks, Clucks’ menu covers everything from raunchy buffalo wings to smoky grilled chicken and all the way to chick-topped pastas. Next time your friend group is knee-deep in the monthly insatiable chicken wing craving spell, a quick trip to your friendly neighbourhood Clucks will have you wrist-deep in mango habanero sauce, skeletons tossed to the side.